By now, hardly a user who has not heard of the benefits of Android 5.0 Lollipop. The arrival of the new version of the operating system has revolutionized the landscape and everyone wants it in their phone.

All profound change thanks to Material Design interface must add performance improvements, battery management, small developments and changes that are not seen with the naked eye. Quite a change process that has led to this version of Android.

One of the features included natively is the ability to record the screen. Until then, perform complex needed for this process or have root access , but this ends with Android 5.0. Record screen will be easier than ever.

At many applications available for it , today we bring you a tool that allows you to record the screen without any limits, that you enjoy this functionality to the fullest.

Record your screen without worrying about anything

 Record the screen of Android without root or limits

The application that we bring you today is Unlimited Screen Recorder. As the name suggests, allows you to record the screen of your Android without limit. No need root but it is essential to have Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The application interface is divided into two sections. At the top you can adjust various parameters related to how the recording, such as resolution, the screen orientation, audio, format.The most interesting may be the choice of the time, because we have the possibility of recording from unlimited, something not many applications offer.

At the bottom just have a big button that puts us and will serve REC to start recording. If you click it, we can begin to record the screen and the notification bar we post a notice informing us that we are recording.

The results are very positive, and the only limitation is the available memory of your phone, so you will not worry factors such as time or special permissions as root. 
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