There is no denying the youth who are having the Nexus devices that have managed to get Android 5.0 Lollipop.From our Nexus 5 to which we apply the latest developer preview the Nexus 4 in which we did the same with a cover version : all have invoked the lollipop with huge desire to savor their sugar. But then, surely you not wish to lose all your data to force flashing images or Factory Images. Are you waiting for the OTA? Well, we can confirm that it is officially coming to devices. Do not you come and you are impatient? Fortunately, there are solutions that go through manually flash that OTA.

Similarly we can flash the ROM from the computer Nexus Factory, it is also possible to do the same with the OTA file. The only difference with an update Over The Air is that the device does not perform any action automatically, still we who put the Nexus in Recovery mode and also who we flash the update. Simple, run less risk than a full flash without losing sensitive data or storage device (not a guarantee, it's official). And above all, without having to wait until you get the OTA Android 5.0 Lollipop on your Nexus 5, Nexus 4, 7 .

The first is installed and active the Android SDK. You can download it from this link , must also install the USB drivers (you can do it from the installer SDK). Once everything is correct, we started.

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  • Turn download OTA files of Android 5.0 Lollipop Of the Nexus 5 is here , with the Nexus 4 on this link , pointing here is the Nexus July 2013 (WiFi only) and the link of the Nexus July 2012 (also WiFi only).
  • Now we check the USB debugging. To do this, activate the developer mode by pressing ten times on build number (in Settings / About device) and within developer options, click on the box USB debugging.
  • connect Nexus to the computer via USB and accept the RSA key (appears on the screen of the device).
  • Open a phone window, come to the "Platform-Tools" folder of the SDK typing the path, and then type "adb reboot bootloader". The Nexus will restart appearing in bootloader mode.
  • Move the menu to Recovery Mode using the volume keys. Then accept the Power button. Recovery menu appears.
  • Now, move the file to the OTA Android 5.0 Lollipop to Platform-Tools SDK folder and rename it to "" to make it easier to flash us.
  • We move in the Recovery of Nexus with the volume buttons until "Apply update from ADB" and accept with Power.
  • We write in the same phone before (must be on the same path) "adb sideload". So then climb flash update. Once the process is completed, our Nexus will restart Lollipop being updated without that we lost the data. 

Remember that although it is a process that takes place with the official OTA, could go wrong and spoil the Nexus. Make a backup of the device and photos, videos and other files that can not be recovered This manual update process does not need ROOT access.; losing such access in case you may have before upgrading. 

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