Something is brewing at Microsoft these days and almost everything to do with your Office suite most famous of all time office and for some months now available for both Android and for direct competition with their iPhones,iOS and iPads. Office came to Android but to edit documents in the cloud, one of its most interesting features, a subscription to Office 365 is required now, shortly after learning the Microsoft agreement with Dropbox to manage hosting Office, said subscription and no it is necessary and Microsoft Office for Android becomes completely free for tablets, a good push to position ahead of even the native Android tool much less advanced, Google Drive, in office issues than Microsoft.

Microsoft Office for Android

The strategy will be a split of their service, a very smart move if you stick to what other companies have done in similar sectors. So, Microsoft Office will be free for Android in terms of individual users, for personal use, and complemented with a paid model for businesses, as if it were a student version but with little or no limitation. The payment option offered, however, Dropbox integration and unlimited storage of documents, but do not know if it will be enough to convince many users.

Now we can enjoy Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint unrestricted and completely free in our Android. Definitely a very smart to try to regain hegemony enjoyed your tool in PCs, now in freefall after almost exponential increase in sales of smartphones and tablets for both work and home movement.

A private beta which can point today launches this link and allow you to use Excel, Word and Powerpoint in tablets with Android 4.4 KitKat . At the moment there earlier as JellyBean or Ice Cream Sandwich or, interestingly, later as Lollipop are supported, freshly landed in the Nexus Nexus 6 and 9. We assume that this will be fixed soon since the 12th we will have Android 5.0 starting their spread . 

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