When three years ago Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note few were who threw their hands to head to see how the South Korean giant was leaving the industry with a huge 5.3 device "which also incorporated a stylus, an anachronism of the time PDAs seemed that the iPhone had buried forever.

Three years after the top end of each major brand haunt the same size screen of that device and the Galaxy Note is practically the only family that is able to generate an authentic fidelity Android .

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 4 a few Months before, the fourth iteration of the smartphone that led to the phablet category and have thoroughly tested ago.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Video analysis Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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The first stop of the analysis, as always, on video, where we show not only the performance of this mobile but their finishes, something remarkable in Note 4.


Samsung has always had a problem with their devices and materials is the use of plastic, more or less quality, has been a constant even when their opponents were betting on the metal or polycarbonate that resembled more the experience to aluminum than other plastics.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a similar framework, metal and non-metal imitating as we saw in the Samsung Galaxy S5. The result is stunning visually and tactilely can not say that we do not like. But there is a problem.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:Materials

This is a large and catch it with one hand for use with the other we have to open a lot and the metal rim reaches disturbing phone. It's not something that prevents the use, obviously, but the negative side of what many see as a every positive aspect.

The back however has significantly improved compared to Samsung Galaxy S5 and in this case almost touch makes us doubt whether this is a plastic or other material. We can not say but Samsung has hit squarely in this aspect, especially because there is no slack or crack.

Weight and dimensions

Commenting on the part of the framework we have mentioned the width of Mobile and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a great phone even for a phablet. We have enough of LG G3 agreed that having a minimally smaller diagonal gives us a totally different feeling in the hand.

We do not mind the Note at the time of use but it gives us the feeling of being with a tablet than a phone, something that had not happened to us with moving almost as big as him.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:weight and dimensions

Yes, despite reaching 176 grams weight does not bother us, which is strange because with fewer grams phones have come to be uncomfortable.

Yes we like the location of the power button on the right side, but not the volume buttons as they are too close to the top edge of the left side and are not comfortable typing.

Power and performance

The power of this device is not something we have to wonder. We directly to the maximum that gives the industry today. At 805 Snapdragon processor nothing unless we add the 2.7 GHz,3 GB of RAM already wearing his predecessor and Adreno 420 graphics chip.

We've tested as always with Asphalt 8, one of those games where we can squeeze the most performance and the result is as expected: perfect. The fluidity, lights, everything runs as it should with the graphics quality at maximum power.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:power and performance

Likewise the system has no lags, something that could be assumed watching the hardware but software Samsung knowing expected. Not a delay or hang.

The connectivity features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are as much, again, we can find. We will have the GPS with GLONASS assistant, the wireless 802.11 a / ​​b / g / n / ac two bands can download data in combination with LTE, NFC, IrDA, Bluetooth 4.1 ...

The internal memory is 32 GB of which are available to the user about 24 GB but can put microSD cards up to 128 GB, more than enough for any current task even watch videos taking advantage of screen resolution.

On the negative side, it is striking that does not carry FM radio.


The sound has left a bittersweet feeling. The power of the speaker is impressive and in games like Asphalt 8 did not put it to the fullest because both volume reaches disturbing. We reminded the LG G3 even in the speaker position in the rear, muffling the sound when we support but without the curvature of your competitor that minimizes the error.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4:Sound

However it has surprised us when listening to music the device has tended to play pings were not expecting and we have proven in various applications and streaming mode and locally. Playing with the equalizer can minimize that feeling but we did not seem appropriate for a mobile phone of this price.


The protagonist of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is definitely the screen, which remains in the 5.7 "but rises of 1920 × 1080 pixels to 2560 × 1440 pixels, matching rivals like the LG G3. Yes, the screen of Samsung Galaxy Note is higher than his countryman.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:Screen

The AMOLED technology is in contrasting color and especially the viewing angles, that reach 180 degrees.Usable even without maximum brightness, something that has caught much attention. If we go to the same maximum visibility surprise us but also trigger the same energy consumption.

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The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was highly criticized especially because the Note 2 met very well in this aspect. The fourth version has a 3.7 Megapixel front camera and a rear 16 Mp with OIS, ie, optical image stabilizer, which is useful when recording video, which can make up to 4K.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:Camera

The application interface is in line with what we knew until now is not a problem. It is simple, has settings but not overwhelming and especially responds quickly.

By day the camera shows no problems and responds quickly and quite realistically. True, as often happens in Samsung, tends to saturate colors but nothing like we have very exaggerated


A battery of 3220 mAh is not something you see much but a display of nearly six inches with nearly four million pixel resolution either.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:Battery

The first hours of use have scared us and it seemed we saw battery% decrease in real time. However were moments of configurations, screen tests, installing dozens of applications, gaming tests and
benchmarks ...

In testing we have been playing Asphalt 8 listening to some music, taking pictures and browsing, always with a majority using Wifi although we have also used both 3G and 2G, but not in 4G. The result has been that the device acceptably hold a day of heavy use, about 24 hours to about 4 hours screen. Say for 6 hours we've had in airplane mode. Such figures should be taken with caution since the use causes and circumstances vary much as the minimum brightness or coverage may also affect them.

We are not facing a device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 either in higher power or screen, but we are not before a LG G3. Perhaps the Samsung AMOLED technology allows spend less or Snapdragon 805 has better performance in this sense that the 801, but not something to worry about.

Yes we have noticed that the screen is the main reason for spending battery and is very noticeable when using the phone without using it to listen to music or talk on the phone, and when we use with it on, especially in the street as the brightness is higher.


One essential part of any analysis is the benchmarks test and although we always say that they are more intended for comparison between models that take them into account when daily use, no more show results.

In the Galaxy Note 4 has yielded a Quadrant score of 23934 points while in Antutu we go to 47144 points, the biggest we've seen in a test of this type.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:benchmark test

By comparing remember that the HTC One M8 has a Quadrant 24000 points and a Antutu of 34181. The Samsung Galaxy S5 in Antutu goes up to 36646 points and Quadrant up to 25116 points.

Front end

Samsung Touchwiz still committed as a differentiator in their phones and this is something I doubt that will change in the short term or medium.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as in its predecessors, this layer may like much but we must recognize that it is useful since it takes advantage of several aspects of the phone as the big screen with features like multitasking or using a hand or S Pen with writing mode recognizable hand, cuts and more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:Air Command

Highlighting mode of softkeys that although not implemented as in the OnePlus One but with a style Samsung, lets use the Note 4 of much more convenient than having to get to the buttons on the bottom.

In addition phablet power does not have even a system crash or lag, which themselves have experienced in previous years with the flagships from Samsung and have become a major source of criticism against the company. True, we've had some failures as the absence of phone icon if it is not problematic because what we solve a reset phone.

Preloaded applications

Preinstalled applications we always have seemed something important especially when the device has a short memory or if the manufacturer does not leave easily uninstall.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has gone a step further and has not only installed Google applications like Maps or Gmail, something you have to do to use the version of the operating system with Google Play Services, or the characteristics of Samsung but It has also installed no less than eight third-party apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Dropbox.

Samsung's own applications are:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:preloaded apps

  • S Note: Taking notes with the advanced S Pen.
  • Scrapbook: Warehouse cuts made ​​with the stylus.
  • S Voice: Samsung Vocal Wizard , similar to Google Now or Siri.
  • S Health App sports quantification of Samsung.
  • My files: File Manager to access the microSD, USB on the go ...
  • Galaxy Apps: New Shop Name Samsung android applications.
  • Smart Remote: Manager infrared port to control TVs, DVDs ...
  •  Pen.Up: a small social network drawings with the stylus. 

These are the eight third-party applications, though useful, can not from the Google Play Store but we have to go to settings, and the application manager, disable, causing their removal.
Facebook pages Manager
Facebook Messenger 

Unique Aspects

The Galaxy Note Android phones are possibly the most characteristic, not so much for its screen size as its software and implementation of the pencil.

S Pen

Note Wear and not use the S Pen is not take advantage of the best features worked although it is true that the management of this accessory depends a lot on what we need to do. The accuracy thereof and functionalities can be really useful.


The screen as we say is one of the protagonists of the phone and size, 5.7 ", and by resolution, 2560 × 1440 px. The quality of it however is what most caught our attention is that both indoors and outdoors behavior is superb.

By putting a minus, talk battery drain involving as much noticeable when using the phone without using the screen (calls, music ...) and when we do (games, browsing ...).

Fingerprint Sensor and Heart Rate Sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:Finger print and heart rate sensor

Like the Samsung Galaxy S5 company has decided to implement in Note 4 of these two sensors. We've tested and working properly but when the truth is not something we use everyday is made ​​although we understand that this is subjective.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been one of the best mobile presented in 2014. It is better than any Samsung design we've tested, a power that allows us to put it to compete against any opponent, a screen that is almost perfect and a new camera enhancement to its predecessor.

Perfect? ​​No, as it is no phone. The metal frame is uncomfortable, size is large even for a phablet and battery is not the mythical Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Is it worth buying? Yes, but maybe it's a good idea to wait a little longer to come down from the 700 euros that Samsung has decided to cost at launch. 

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