I have been using the Moto G 2nd Gen for about a week now which, I believe, puts me in a good position to review the phone and talk about my overall experience with it.I would give a review on the following points.

Moto G 2nd Gen Reviews


The phone has a very good build quality. Has an easily removable back panel which has a rubberized matte finish to it. The phone is slim and feels good to hold. You get the feeling of holding a premium phone. The power and volume button are very responsive though they feel a bit wobbly.


I couldnt have been happier. The phone is extremely snappy. One of the advantages of running stock, clean android without any gimmicky junk that other OEMs add. Backed by a powerful mid-range processor the snapdragon 400 and 1 gig of RAM, this should suffice for everyday needs with occasional gaming. I tried playing dead trigger 2, which runs smooth 90% of the times and asphalt 8, which I felt it was laggy. But a couple of other reviews showed asphalt 8 running smoothly.

Call quality

I dont tend to get too many voice calls but I am more than satisfied with what the phone offers as I dont have to repeat what I have said to the person on the other end and I can also hear the other person clearly..


The new moto g comes with 16 gigs of storage and now comes with the ability to expand it via a micro sd card upto 32 gigs. Out of 16 gigs you get about 12-13 gigs of usable space. So I think all your storage needs are covered.

Battery life

Battery life is subjective and depends from person to person. The new moto g has the same battery as that of its predecessor. A non user replaceable 2070 mAh battery. Im a bit surprised that they havent bumped up the battery in proportion to the screen size. But nevertheless im able to squeeze out 7-8 hours of battery on an average with about 2-2.5 hrs of screen on time.


Moto G 2nd Gen Reviews

The new moto g comes with a 5 inch HD (1280X720P) display. One thing that catches my attention is the incredibly thin bezels. Viewing angles are good, colour reproduction is decent. Watching movies and videos are a pleasure. The phone played almost any video I threw at it. Including a heavily encoded 1080p movie. Though you need to install a 3rd party video app called MX player from google play store.


The new moto g comes with dual front facing stereo speakers and man I must say its a pleasure to hear something play via the speakers. Though not like boom sound of HTC, I must say im more than happy with what motorola is offering. No problems with the ringer as well


I think motorola have compromised on the camera, I have no qualms about colour reproductivity, contrast and so on. But the camera struggles to focus many times, very evident when you take close ups. I am coming from the nokia lumia 720 and I am already missing the fantastic camera that it had. The flash is also a disappointment, it doesnt light up the entire frame, the light tends to fade towards the corners of the frame.


The moto g comes with almost every connectivity option including bluetooth and wifi but alas! no NFC. NFC hasnt really picked up in India yet but its a matter of time before it does. I dont think many of you would think of this as a con but IMO this is some form of a compromise and I feel its a con.


Must say its totally value for money.The screen touch seems to be better,great on performance,2nd Gen G feels lighter on weight,slimmer design and has a smooth User Interface.Its good that the 2nd Gen moto G has a Micro SD slot option included which was missing out in the older G.Overall the device feels premium and the price point for a 16GB variant is a take away.

So thats it guys. Hope you liked this honest review. Give me a thumbs up if you liked this review. Cheers!

Expert Review:

  • Guys any one looking for pure Android Experience in budget on you hands go for this product.
  • Moto released with pure stock android up date version Kitkat 4.4.4 which feels like dipping your figure in water while operating it and for sure moto will update with Android Lolipop
  •  Battery(2070mh) performance is good if it is mixed use. 22hrs guaranty.
  • with brilliant 5 inch IPS display which produce very high quality images and vides with 720P.
  • 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Processor which allows you for multitasking.
  • But Compared with MI3 only Android ex presence is good while Mi3 covered with it's own UI.
  • Concussion: If your are really looking for pure Android Experience with latest updates go for this product.

Suggestions for new users:

  • Those who receive their new Moto G please remove the protective plastic cover from the screen. The cover is not good and will make your screen look bad and touch feel bad.
  • The battery might take 4-5 days to get adjusted, so please wait for 4-5 days and then use and comment on battery life.
  • Those who are new to android , please install an app named file explorer (fx icon) from google play to access internal memory and sd card. Also, you will need it to send mp3 and other files. Also, you can set your own ringtone by moving files to ringtone folder using fx.
  • Join fb group named Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) for more queries.

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