• We will have to look back to everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S6 so far.
  • Whether it is almost confirmed that Samsung will present its new smartphone next March 1 at the MWC 2015 in Barcelona.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is creating much anticipation and looking forward to see with Samsung surprises us this time. Knowing who want to give a totally new approach to your smartphone, many designs that have leaked so far and many conjectures from various sources, but will leave doubts until next month.

It is almost confirmed that Samsung is preparing a special event for the presentation of the Galaxy S6 on March 1, during the MWC 2015 in Barcelona and therefore the company is already sending information to the audience, which we will detail below .

Samsung Galaxy S6

New information from Samsung

Samsung has started sending new information to attendees of the event March 1, with an image reminiscent of sketches of cars, with the phrase: "What's next" (which is this)

Which means that curve? May represent a curved display on the new Galaxy S6 or may mean you will have a larger than previous models camera. Samsung wants to start fresh with your new smartphone or at least wants to create hype around the new concept.

First designs, price and release date

The latest rumors suggest that Samsung would be based on their Galaxy Alpha to design the new Galaxy S6, with a metal frame. Also want to make this new smartphone has an even thinner than 6.7 mm thick having the Galaxy Alpha very slim design.

There have been many leaks in recent weeks, but this allegedly showing a prototype of the Galaxy S6, image is one of the most convincing us.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Although rumored Samsung have several different prototypes of its smartphone, without knowing what is going to lead to the presentation. We have also seen a rendering which we shall show below, which would make the Samsung phone has many similarities with the Apple iPhone 6.

About price Samsung Galaxy S6 know it's going to be an expensive smartphone, with prices similar to Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S6 have a basic storage of 32GB model will cost 749 euros, 849 euros for the 64GB model and 949 euros for the model with 128GB of storage. Of course it will include a MicroSD expansion slot to increase storage space.

On the release date, if we consider the dates on which launched the Galaxy S4 and S5, being April 2013 and 2014, respectively, is very likely to see the new Galaxy S6 in April this year.

Technical Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S6

Technicalities there are many rumors, though several QuadHD and point to a 2560 × 1440 screen, without abandoning the AMOLED technology that the brand used on other occasions.

Whether it be curved or there has been much conjecture, but after seeing the final filtered image of Galaxy S6 , where the phone comes with a Galaxy Edge with curved edges, maybe keep the flat screen we all know so far. Yes, a screen that could be between 5.1 and 6 inches in size, being closer to 5 inches to 6, according to the latest rumors.

The processor will be 64bit, preferably a Snapdragon processor, if all goes well and there are no delays in production. Although Samsung could use the Exynos processors, such as wearing riding the Alpha, if the case does not have the Snapdragon processor is given.

It is possible that has 4GB of RAM, given recent rumors that Samsung would have started mass production of 4GB modules. In addition, the smartphone could have a new type of flash memory, known as UFS (Universal Flash Storage) which provides a higher data rate and lower power consumption to half compared to the previous generation.

Regarding the camera varies between 20MP and 16Mp. Everything depends on the final design of the phone, since a 20MP camera OIS force the phone to be a little thicker and 16Mp camera could make the thinnest phone.

Other Features

In other respects, the Samsung Galaxy S6 could have a fingerprint scanner, an enhanced version of what already exists in the brand version. It could also keep the heart rate monitor that was already equipped in the S5. On the other hand it might have a fast charge battery, a UV sensor and multi-directional microphones.

It would also include a new feature that aims to copy a feature of iPhone 6 ,it could be the payment system Samsung Pay, I'd use the LoopPay technology, allowing it to be used almost anywhere in the world, from the Release day .

We have to wait until next month when this Samsung smartphone at your event.

And what do you expect the Galaxy S6? Tell us in the comments that you would like to see in the new smartphone from Samsung.

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